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MEGA C is a potent anti-oxidant vitamin. It has pH level ranging from 7.5 to 7.8, readily absorbable and better tolerated by the body, thus, helps in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cataracts, diabetes, dengue, asthma, infections, bird flu, colds, heart attacks, strokes, and other diseases.

In fine powder form
Alkaline-based w/ a pH range of 7.5 - 7.8
100% fiber plant-based, chlorophyll enriched capsule
No maillard reaction
Capsule moisture content - 6%
No preservatives and uses natural color
Stable over a wider range of temperature / humidity

Hasten wound healing
Fight stress
Strengthen the immune system
Help lower blood sugar and cholesterol
Avoid nose bleeds
Experience better digestion
Stay clear from gum problems
Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
Smoothen and whiten your skin
Prevent cataract
Protect yourself from negative effects of pollution

For daily maintenance, take 1-2 capsules. For cold symptoms, take 3-4 capsules daily. May be given as is, or dissolved in fruit juices, water, or cold beverages of choice. Mega-C may be taken even on an empty stomach.