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Why Sodium Ascorbate?


Using Sodium Ascorbate as the main ingredient for mega c was inspired by two superior attributes compared to that of the conventional ascorbic acid. Sodium Ascorbate will have superior positioning over the widely circulated ascorbic acid due to its alkaline properties making all user of the traditional ascorbic acid highly susceptible to switch to a new and better variety of vitamin c. Sodium ascorbate will also be a recipient of all market generating initiatives of companies both local and foreign for the ascorbic acid and as it becomes popularly known as do without regimenТ the sodium ascorbateТs popularity will surge at a phenomenal rate making Mega C an instant cash generating driver for a start-up company.


Faster, Better and Convenient access to information brought about by modern day technologies will lead everyone to know, validate and confirm the productТs superior attributes as both a booster to increase the efficacy of other food ingredients and its ability to stabilize the acidity within oneТs body will potentially neutralize positioning of other food ingredients. Its alkalinity feature will definitely entice health conscious individuals across age and gender to switch to Sodium Ascorbate or add the product to their daily regimen.


Popularity of the vitamins c which has penetrated the psyche of every user will be a potent spring board for the newly introduced sodium ascorbate to reach popularity at a phenomenal pace and at least cost possible. Numbers in the Drug distribution data will show an inexhaustible market for both the sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid as it is now use in several application and it being a.


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